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Our Choices Matter

In 1 Kings chapter 4 we see the results of King Solomon’s choice to ask for wisdom. God blessed him personally and God blessed his kingdom and his people. Our choices matter because they determine the course of our lives. Choices regarding education, career, marriage, marriage partner, children, and many other things all play a role in determining what our lives look like and feel like.

Our choices matter because they help determine the lives of others within our sphere of influence. Are we teaching the next generation to live well by our choices? Are we living with integrity and compassion so that Christ’s love is obvious and creating openness to the gospel?

Our choices matter because they determine our relationship with God. Everyone chooses to accept or reject God’s gift of eternal life. Rejecting this gift is the only fatal choice a person can make. All other choices can be redeemed by God. He loves to take our not-so-great choices and work them for our good or the good of someone else.

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